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Body Care & Other Services
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"Back Facial"  The same treatment that is typically done on the face, but done on the back! Wonderful in winter to soothe dry, itchy skin and great for summer to show off a beautiful back in swimsuit weather. Includes cleansing, steaming, exfoliating, extractions if necessary, a mask, light massage and moisturizer. $85

Beautiful Legs  We start with dry brushing, then exfoliating with a Honey Granules massage; and finally wrap your legs in our Infra-red Sauna Pants for 30 minutes. $95

Happy Hands  The same facial treatment that is done on the face, but done on the hands:  Steaming, cleansing, exfoliating, masks, massage, and moisturizers. $85

Herbal Body Wrap  Reducing tension and stress, our deep detoxifying body wrap refreshes and relaxes. We create a customized herbal solution, based on your needs, which slow-cooks until your arrival. We then dip soft cloth into this blend of herbs, sea weed, and minerals and wrap it around your body. Special blends can be created for healing, detoxification, weight loss, relaxation, stimulation, pain reduction, tension release, or to encourage better sleep.  Full Body, $110; Abdomen and Hips only, $85.

Honey Granules Body Treatment  We massage honey granules over the entire body for the ultimate in exfoliation. Your body absorbs the nutrients from the honey to nourish and beautify the skin leaving you with an unbelievable glow.  $95

Tri-Polar RF   Tri-Polar RF skin tightening treatments are the most safe, effective, and easy way to help you look and feel your best. The effects are visible from the very first treatment. RF energy has been successfully used in aesthetic medicine due to its well established safety and efficacy profile. 
Overcoming the limitations of both mono-polar and bi-polar RF energy, the Tri-Polar system delivers immediate visible improvement and long-lasting results by augmenting collagen regeneration and accelerating fat metabolism. While you will notice immediate results, the best effects are visible after a series of 4-6 treatments. For the Face: Single treatment, $85; or add 10 minutes to any facial, $25. For the Back or TummySingle treatment, $85. For the Thighs & Butt: Single treatment, $165.  

Infra-Red Sauna Suit Using Infrared, our protocol improves circulation, detoxifies the cells, provides lymphatic drainage, reduces water retention, revives physiological function, reduces muscle tension, provides pain relief, improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation, and provides slimming and beautifying effects. Multiple treatments recommended for best results. Please note: For this service please wear full-length athletic or soft-knit pants (yoga pants, sweats, etc.); a long sleeve t-shirt; and socks that cover the ankle. All clothing must be at least 50% cotton. Clothing can not have zippers, rivets, or any metal. We recommend drinking at least 8-16 ounces purified water beforehand. Whole Body $65 or Tummy-area only $45.

Air Compression Lymph Drainage Massage $65  and up   Improves circulation, detoxifies the cells, provides lymph drainage, reduces water retention, revives physiological function, reduces muscle tension, provides pain relief, improves metabolism, reduces inflammation, may provide slimming and beautifying effects.  60 mins $65; 90 minutes $95.
RainDrop    Combining Reflexology, Massage, and Aromatherapy this is a treat for body, mind, and soul! "Raindrop Technique® combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex (Reflexology) and Massage in the application of essential oils to various areas of the body. This collection provides a revolutionary means of bringing balance and harmony to the body."  $60
Please note:  For this service, please wear/bring loose comfortable clothing for after your service. Product may come in contact with clothing. Also, do not shower, bathe, hot-tub, sauna, etc until the following day.
Bamboo Fusion (Table Massage) & Bamboo Visage (Facial Massage)  Bamboo Fusion & Bamboo Visage are forms of body & facial massage utilizing specially designed tools made of bamboo. The pieces of bamboo are warmed, then gently and elegantly massaged on the body or face. These services provide the following benefits: relaxes body & facial muscles; improves the flow of oxygen, blood & nutrients to the skin & muscles; softens the skin; increases elasticity; helps remove impurities and provides gentle lymph drainage; relieves headaches and stress; and brings about an amazing sense of relaxation. Bamboo is an eco-friendly and highly renewable source. It is one of earth's fastest growing plants. It is grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Bamboo Fusion (Table massage) $65, Bamboo Visage (Facial Massage) $35.

Reiki  An ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.
60 minutes $60, 30 minutes $30, 15 minutes* $15. (*15 minute sessions only available when added to another service.)

 Customized Products

Gift Certificates  Gift certificates are available in any amount.

Signature Scents  Using the healing practice of aromatherapy, we formulate personalized skin care products* with 100% pure organic essentials oils to create your personal signature scent. $45 includes 1 oz. perfumed oil. (*Products available as Perfumed Oil, Body or Room Spray, Sugar Scrub, and Bath Salts.  Prices vary per product.)
Bach Flower Remedies  The strength of Bach Flower therapy lies in the normalization of emotional disruptions and resolution of inner conflicts, as well as improving physical conditions that have emotional causes or symptoms. Appropriate as a treatment to achieve harmony of mind and body in all types of illnesses as a supplement to medical treatment, as well as preventive maintenance to stabilize or eliminate emotional weak points.  $45 (includes 2 oz. customized Bach Flower Remedy)

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